The Prototype and a Few Things

I hope everyone Labor Day weekend was great.  Also, I would like to thank everyone for the comments on my version of V1329.  Greatly appreciated!!!

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be working on my white blouse.  Well, my white blouse is now a muslin for V8747 .   This pattern is a custom fit pattern.  The problem is that I need about 1/2 inch additional space in the bust. This is the first time I've had this issue with a custom fit pattern.  I think this is an issue because the design is fitted.  Unfortunately, I do not have extra fabric to re-cut the fronts with the adjustments.  So I decided to use it as the muslin.  I've made all the adjustments on it and its ready to use for new fabric.  But, I probably will not look at making it until I return from my upcoming fabric trip. Shirting fabric is on my list.

The Fall!!!!  I have so many garments I want to sew for the Fall/Winter.  I've been camping out in my fabric closet. OK, I don't have that kind of closet space.  So, I've been camping out at the doorway of my fabric closet; looking to see what I have that will assist in making the garments I have on my mind.  What I have so far is as follows:

    Floral Lace Pencil Skirt
  1. Lace brown pencil skirt - Inspiration from    Talbot's catalog
  2. Trench Coat -  Actually started working on it this past weekend ( it's from last year)
  3. Winter Coat
  4. I like pants suits. So, I want to make a couple.
  5. A leather pencil skirt has been on my mind for a while. But I keep saying, when I lose a  more weight.  Bump it, I'm making it this fall/winter.  When it gets too big, I will donate it and make another one. Sometimes, I have to remind myself it's really not that deep.
  6. Shirt dress - V8903
Okay, would like to know how I spent Labor Day?   I will tell you......making my first bra!!!  Which is now affectionately called the prototype.  Wow, it was an exciting and fun day.  One of my best friends also has a passion for sewing.  We are both enablers when it comes to sewing. So relying on each other for discipline when we go fabric shopping, doesn't happen.  Basically, we are like to two kids in a candy store. She also has an interest in bra making, so we decided to make our first bra together.

We chose DB3 bra pattern from Danglez. I have to tell you, I was a little nervous ordering internationally.  But when I saw they accepted Pay Pal, I was good.  Danglez is going out of business but there is not a specific date.  Their website is still up and running, so orders are still accepted. Surprisingly, the shipping was very reasonable.   For the bra kits, we choose Canadian base Bra-Maker Supplies because of their color variety.  U.S. resources like Sew Sassy and Fabric Depot have kits, but the colors are very limited.

Now, I'm not going to go into great detail about the whole process in this post. I will in an upcoming post.  I have to say although the instructions are in English, some meaning does get lost in translation. So, this made things quite interesting.  We spent the day, eating, laughing, redoing seams, figuring out how the cups fit into the bridge and the how does the doggone lower band get sewn. Well the kits that we purchased did not have enough yardage for the bra straps, so we had to stop.  

However after a day of such fun, I realized that we had sewn our lowers bands incorrectly. Although I have a bra making book, the pictures didn't connect for me. I found  the correct application on Cloth Habit bra-making sew-a-long.  Now the question is will I rip it out and redo? I don't think so.  I know that this bra is not going to fit properly.  I need to go up a cup size.  So I will cut out the size I need from the remaining fabric, while I wait for more supplies to arrive. Now, do I consider this a lost? Not at all.  With this bra, I was able to correct the fit, learn the process of putting a bra together and work on the accuracy of my stitching. Thank goodness for a 1/4 inch foot!!!
Well this month the plan is to finish my trench coat, a bra and undies, and a shirt dress.  We'll see how it goes.

Under next time.......keep sewing!!!!


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  1. Congrats on your first bra-making experience. Don't you just love it? When you get the fit corrected you won't want to purchase any ever again. One little FYI. When you get the fit correct it will only work with the same fabric. Change fabric and you will be in trouble. Ask me how I know! TFS