My First Trench Coat - Complete!!!

WooHoo, I finished my trench coat!!!! Just in time, the temperature in my neck of woods has started to drop. (PS...I'm going to stop setting finish dates to my projects, it never works out. lol) This project was fun and challenging.  The challenge for me was the fit.  I talked about the challenges I had with fit in my previous post. So I will not repeat those details. Overall, very much worth my time and effort.  I finally have a coat that fits.

I chose Black Vera Stretch Cotton Sateen from Fabric.com and a rayon silk lining from Moods.  I used a combination of interfacing's in different areas of the coat. I used fusible hair canvas in the collar and collar stand. A medium weight fusible in the front and front facing.  I added a cotton broadcloth stay to the back, shoulder pads and sleeve heads. The pattern is designed with 3/8 seam allowances. Although this is an industry technique per the designer, I increased the seam allowances to 5/8. It just my preference and I knew I would slip up and sew 5/8.

I liked the design and details of this pattern. The collar stand has channel stitching, the lining is bagged and I liked the inverted pleat in the back.  I did not have to make a FBA, the pattern is design with cup sizing up to D.  The cup sizing fit me perfect.

Overall, I like this pattern and would make this coat again. I'm planning to make a red trench coat with animal print lining for the spring.  Haven't decided whether I will use this pattern or McCall's M5525. (This pattern must be out-of-print, can't find it on the site) But I have time to decide.  I will have pictures of me wearing my coat sometime this week.

Currently, I'm working on a taupe worsted wool pant suit. I'm using patterns V8333 and V7881. I'm hoping to have complete by end of month. ( I know what I said earlier, but I can't help myself. lol)
You may remember from a previous post that I started working on my first bra.  Well, I have not forsaken the project.  I have just placed it on hold.  I have 2 weeks vacation coming up and I'm dedicating some time to lingerie sewing. I'm planning to complete a fitted bra, some panties, and a silk full and half slip. I've always wanted to wear silk slips, I figured why not make them for myself.  Lingerie sewing is new territory and I'm excited to add it to my sewing skill set. Plus, I love the idea of being able to make everything I wear.

Well, I thought I would end with a picture of produce from my garden.  The community garden season is over.  I must say eating fresh vegetables this summer was truly a treat and cost effective.  I have frozen some produce like my peppers for the winter.  I really enjoyed this project and look forward to next years season.
Remember to do your breast self examinations!!

Until next time........keep sewing!!!


  1. Your trench coat looks great! From your description, I am sure it is constructed much better than RTW. That's what I love about sewing: in addition to the fun of making it, you end up with a quality garment.

  2. Beautiful trench! Ditto Northlady--Way better construction than RTW. Coats and lingerie is what I aspire to do. Gardening is amazing isn't it? BTW M5525 is on Ebay. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your trench coat. While laborious, they can be quite fun to make. I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of this. Well done.

  4. I agreeing agree, this is a beautiful coat! I really would like to see you in it!

  5. You've sewn this trench coat? Wow, that’s so amazing! I must say that tailoring outerwear is quite difficult, so kudos to a job well done! No wonder you want to make another. This is an achievement!

    Joel @DayFursInc.com